Transformation Paradigm Platinum Package

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Our Transformation Paradigm email list includes worldwide subscribers interested in cutting-edge, next-level consciousness information, resources, teachings, spiritual courses, and energy and spiritual healing tools for the ever-emerging New Paradigm that is now unfolding throughout the planet and humanity.

The Transformation Paradigm Platinum Package is our premier package for the Transformation Paradigm audience. It includes a dedicated email to our Transformation Paradigm Primary List of 45,000+ subscribers. In addition, the package will expand exposure for your product, service, event, or offering with an additional email reminder, a resend to non-opens, as well as a featured newsletter listing and graphic banner placement in our Debra Recommends or Harmony Connects weekly newsletter digest. See our FAQ page for more details on product descriptions.

• Dedicated Email (Primary List): $400
• Reminder Email: $200
• Resend to Non-opens: $200
• Featured Listing in Newsletter Digest: $250
• Featured Banner in Newsletter Digest ($100 Value, Complimentary if space is available)

Package Discount: $200