Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the three Wishing Well Promotions brands?

Harmony Connects specializes in supporting individuals in creating a healthy and potent life and community. It features topics on holistic health and well-being, personal growth and self-actualizing tools, new spirituality and mindfulness trainings, ecological, regenerative and sustainable world solutions, innovative art and music, sound and energy healing, shamanic wisdom, community-oriented gatherings, online resources, prominent, and well-known personal growth and spiritual teachers and leaders and much more.  

Debra Recommends
curates the best resources on topics that support creating next-level healthy and expanded lifestyles. It shares unique consciousness-raising programs, women’s & men’s empowerment trainings, creative dance and arts, energy and spiritual healing, new world awareness, conscious and loving relationships skills, tools for Ascension, supportive resources for Soul Tribe, pathways towards Unity Consciousness, as well as featuring renowned personal growth and spiritual teachers, and so much more.  


Transformation Into The New Paradigm offers topics that support one’s Spiritual Journey into the New Paradigm. It includes next-level consciousness resources and spiritual courses, energy and spiritual healing tools, Ascension teachings and resources, UFO and ET disclosure, windows into galactic civilizations, sound healing and frequency medicine, quantum science and consciousness, New Earth paradigm shifts, shamanism, multidimensional realities, and features distinguished new paradigm, spiritual leaders. 

What do the email promotions feature? What do you advertise?

All Wishing Well Promotions solo dedicated emails and newsletters feature the finest transformational online events, summits, conferences, retreats, workshops, courses, books, products and resources. They also showcase prominent live events held nationally and internationally, including major festivals, conferences, concerts, film festivals, and workshops with well-known personal growth and spiritual teachers. 


West Coast Live Events specializes in promoting potent live event offerings within the West Coast, including the states of Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, and Arizona. The events include:

  • Music and community festivals
  • In-depth conferences
  • Personal retreats and workshops
  • Special live events with notable teachers, authors and leaders

All events featured in the West Coast Live Events email promotion are recommended and curated in alignment with the topics and offerings featured through all Wishing Well Promotions brands. These events are well worth traveling to attend.

What are the sizes of the email databases?

Wishing Well Promotions utilizes the best email and database management practices and serves a thriving community of highly aligned, seriously interested, and engaged subscribers. 

  • Harmony Connects community database has 80,000+ subscribers.
  • Debra Recommends community database has 80,000+ subscribers.
  • Transformation Into The New Paradigm community database has 65,000+ subscribers.
  • The West Coast Live Events List community database has 45,000+ subscribers.

Due to working with email delivery experts and best email management practices, our email delivery consistently achieves a 30% – 70% open rate.

What is the email open rate?

Our email delivery consistently achieves a 30% – 70% open rate. 

What are the demographics of the email databases? How were they created?

All of our email databases include national and international subscribers, excluding the West Coast Live Event list, which is a location-specific database.

The Harmony Connects community database was created from the attendees of Harmony Festival that ran for 33 years in Santa Rosa, CA, which more than 30,000 people attended in 2011. The festival was founded and produced by Debra Giusti. The heart and essence of Harmony Festival live on through the Harmony Connects email database. The Harmony Connects subscribers tend to be eco-savvy, forward-thinking, conscious festival goers, curious and mindful of healthy, alternative, and holistic lifestyles, and interested in self-development resources.

The Debra Recommends community database grew from Debra Giusti’s personal community and transformational events she has produced over the last 45 years, including as founder and co-producer of the Harmony Festival for 33 years, co-founder of the Saturday Night Alive for the Global Peace Tribe multimedia platform, and as an author of the Activate Your Soul Tribe book and Ascension Tips ebook. The subscribers tend to be exceptionally spiritually active and broad-minded. They are typically engaged in and attracted to resources for raising consciousness, empowering women and men, and up-leveling health, wealth, and positive and evolutionary realities. 

The Transformation Into The New Paradigm community database includes those who initially purchased or viewed the Transforming Through 2012 Multimedia ebook, produced by Debra Giusti, and subscribers from the Making Contact 5-Part Online Series, the Ascension Tips ebook, and other online transformational resources. The demographic includes people interested in cutting-edge, next-level spiritual information and teachings on the ever-emerging New Paradigm that is now unfolding throughout the planet and humanity.

What do the Wishing Well Promotions emails look like? Can I see some examples?
How far in advance do I need to book and pay for my promotion?

With normal delivery time, please purchase your service at least 3 weeks in advance and send us your email copy and graphics no later than 14 days before the delivery date. Need your advertising sooner? Please fill out our rush order form here.

When are the emails scheduled?

Harmony Connects
The Harmony Connects dedicated emails come out 3 times / week. The Harmony Connects Newsletter Digest comes out 2 times / month on alternating Wednesdays. 


Debra Recommends
The Debra Recommends dedicated emails come out 3 times / week. The Debra Recommends Newsletter Digest comes out 2 times / month on alternating Wednesdays. 


Transformation Into The New Paradigm
The Transformation Into The New Paradigm dedicated emails come out 3-7 times / week. Subscribers can sign up to receive emails 3 times / week or every day per their interest and preference.

The Featured Banner in Newsletter Digest is a 728 x 90 px graphic banner image featured within the bi-monthly Newsletter Digest displayed in either Harmony Connects or Debra Recommends.

Here is an example.

Need graphic design support for creating your banner? Click here to order graphic design services.

Can we offer a Promo Code to boost sales?

Promo codes can inspire ticket sales for paid events and can be promoted in the dedicated emails or newsletter digest listings. Please submit your promo code information when you fill out your promotional assets form. Promo codes are optional and not required.

Can I just purchase one dedicated email and not buy a package?

Yes! If you do not want to purchase an entire package and prefer to only purchase one solo dedicated email or one newsletter digest listing, you can purchase them on our shop page here.

What is a reminder email?

Reminder emails are sent to remind our subscribers about your event, service or offering. A dedicated reminder email is sent to everyone who opened your original email approximately 2 days before your scheduled event or sent one week after the original email announcement for non-dated offers. You can purchase a reminder email here.

What is a resend to non-opens?

We resend your dedicated email 3 days after your initial send date to anyone that did not open your original email. Resending to non-openers typically yields an additional 20% open rate. You can purchase a resend to non-opens here.

What kind of statistics do your email promotions get?

Our regularly scheduled emails get an open rate between 30-50% and a click rate of 1-2% (typically between 100-500 clicks). Our reminder emails get an open rate of 60-88%. Our emails to non-opens typically yield an additional 20% open rate.

Do you accept rush orders?

We understand that sometimes you may need a faster turn-around. If you are wanting promotions delivered within 14 days, please inquire here to see if we can fit you into our schedule. (Rush fee of $100 may apply.) Fill out the form here.

Do you offer graphic creation support?

Yes! If you need support with graphic creation for your event promotion with us, we can create a square thumbnail graphic, a rectangular banner graphic or a rectangular flyer graphic for you. Please see our “Add-Ons” section for more information, pricing and details.

Can I promote my live, in-person event if it’s not located on the West Coast?

Yes, you can promote your live, in-person event to our national lists. We cannot guarantee a specific geographic location is covered based on the demographics of our lists. However, many of our subscribers are willing to travel to attend events and festivals that they are aligned with.

Do you promote affiliate offerings?

Yes, please contact our affiliate manager via email at 

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds on purchased campaigns. However, if your event is canceled or unforeseen circumstances arise, we will happily credit you for future promotions.

How do I contact you for support?

For answers to additional questions please contact:

Are special arrangements (such as cross-promotion) available to get more promotion than the budget allows?

Yes! Creative collaboration is available by special negotiation. Inquire at:

What is an "evolutionary subscriber?"

Our subscribers love to work on evolving their lives and co-evolving our world. They can broadly be described as conscientious people who care about the earth, humanity, and nature, as well as positive change and growth for themselves and society. They are typically spiritually minded in their own distinctive ways. They also work on their personal development in their own unique ways. Our subscribers are generally interested in things that support their expansion, transformation, and advancement to betterment in all areas of life.

Do you have any testimonials I can read?

Yes! Please check out these reviews from some of our happy, grateful, and satisfied customers:

“Wishing Well Promotions is my go-to place when I need to launch any workshop or online course, and it has been for many years. They really deliver high quality and relevance, and I have always reached my goals with them. Looking forward to many more years!”

~ BenArion, The Awakening University

“I’m so grateful for Debra Recommends! I invested in advertising and got an instant return on investment, plus some. Debra’s list is full of warm and interested people. I highly recommend sharing your offerings with her community. Post your event and put financial resources towards extra feature emails. In my experience, it is well worth it. I built my list and enrolled new people into my next workshop.”

 ~ Joy Taylor, Author, Trainer, Business Intuitive, A Soul Inspired Life


“Wishing Well Promotions has done a wonderful job in promoting my horse healing retreats. I filled two retreats through their mailers, and was so pleased with the customer service. I highly recommend them, and will definitely use them again!”

~ Melinda Starr, Starr Horse Retreats


“I am a minister and spiritual healing workshop leader, and recently engaged Wishing Well Productions to help me promote an online 14 week mastercourse I am offering. Debra and her team created a comprehensive email and web marketing plan and did a great job implementing it. I loved working with Debra, her graphic designer and other team members, and the results were excellent. I will certainly use them again for my future events. This is one of the few marketing channels I know that is specifically targeted to the people I want to reach, and their work produces results.”

~ Reverend Darren Starwynn, O.M.D., Lightworker Ministry